Destination Copenhagen


At Destination Copenhagen, you will find that we specialize in planning a variety of events. Leave the research, planning and creative development of the event to us. We provide services for groups and individual travelers.

Our partnership with venues, hotels, transportation companies, restaurants and hospitality personnel or guides allows us to provide total event management. The relationships we build with our suppliers are equally important - we make every effort to maintain a strong and healthy collaboration with them. With these established relationships, we can offer you great product knowledge to tailor our services to achieve the desired goals.

Over the years, we have established a wide range of attractions and programs designed to ensure that when you visit Denmark you will have great experiences from the wide range of opportunities imaginable.

The goal is to understand the objectives of an event by having a thorough dialogue with you by exchanging ideas, offering recommendations, and creating a proposal that you will find relative and helpful.

Copenhagen and Denmark... for business and pleasure