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Copenhagen is a highly-respected global leader in the development of sustainable urban spaces and renowned for its cycling culture, sustainable construction, adaptation to climate change and ambitious CO2 targets. The city is a living lab of sustainable ideas!

There is a growing interest to build cities resilient to major future challenges such as climate change, urbanisation, traffic, pollution and lack of resources. A study tour to Copenhagen will provide the necessary insights towards creating a greener city.

Your custom-made program

The program can be arranged to provide a general overview of Copenhagen’s sustainable solutions, but also you can choose to plan a program with a specific focus, such as study of Climate Change Adaptation Plans, CO2 reduction process (Copenhagen will become CO2 neutral by 2025), waste management, green mobility, district heating and urban development.

You will discover the state-of-the art technology used in Copenhagen, combining high efficiency with low pollutant emissions. We go beyond theoretical learning, and actually show how solutions work. You and your guests have the opportunity to see how quality of life, green city planning and financial sustainability make Copenhagen a worldwide reference.

Let us know of your needs and we will be happy to prepare a detailed program suggestion that will match and suit your wishes.

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You can expect

  • Professional & experienced event planning
  • Expert knowledge and back-stage visit of interesting projects
  • Creative ideas and inspiration for your program
  • Attention to all details
  • Hassle-free execution of your program