© Woco & Ava Koploff


The story of Copenhagen is a fairy tale. We have succeeded to create a city of endless visual pleasure; a place where even the most simple activities are laced with a sense of quiet wonder and delight…

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© Woco & Ava Koploff


Denmark is in many ways a place of everyday wonder. Our country is home to “hygge”, a great bicycling culture,  foodie experiences, impressive castles, viking heritage, innovative architecture & design – and to one of the happiest people in the world…

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©Visit Faroe Islands & Travelpro

Faroe Islands

The Faroe Islands (the sheep islands) is an archipelago consisting of 18 islands that were shaped by volcanic activity and the glaciers of the ice age. It is a unique and inimitable country, truly unspoiled and almost unbelievable…

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©Visit Greenland & Reinhard Pantke


Greenland’s natural beauty is breathtaking. As the people of Greenland often say, “You feel very small” in the magnificent surroundings that include glaciers, fjords, mountains and amazing fauna – and that is exactly the feeling we hope to give you when you visit. Not many places on earth can offer such magnificent…

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Synergising Your Event & Our Services to Perfection

Meetings & Events

Destination Copenhagen offer our clients custom-made solutions on meetings and events…

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Visitors programs

Are you a group of people planning to visit Copenhagen, Denmark, Greenland or Faroe Islands?

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Incentives & Teambuilding

Time for change and thinking new?
Then you may consider to plan motivational activities that will improve…

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Congress Management (PCO services)

Do you consider Copenhagen or Denmark for your next congress event?

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Cruise Call Services

DC offer beautifully orchestrated programs including a perfect mix of culture, gastronomy and exciting surprises…

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Study tours & Learning programs

Study tours are an excellent way of getting to know a destination and to learn from professionals…

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Green growth & Sustainable solutions

Copenhagen is a highly-respected global leader in the development of sustainable urban spaces and combating climate changes…

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Golf programs

Denmark is an excellent country for golf. We  can offer 200 courses in total and a really fine selction of high-rates courses. 

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Sport events & Hospitality

Denmark is one of the leading countries in  Europe in terms of hosting world class sporting events…

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